Bathgate Business Finance golf tournament builds professional bonds across the North West & North Wales

A golf tournament organised by Bathgate Business Finance to strengthen relationships between professionals from the North West and North Wales has enjoyed a fourth successful year.

The annual competition aims to help banking, accountancy, finance and legal professionals and a range of specialist consultants find new ways to work together and better benefit local businesses that use their services.

Relationships forged during the 2019 games alone have assisted businesses based in the region with sourcing an estimated £670k of funding, with many more introductions taking place off the green.

Hosted at Northop Golf Club and launched in April by Bathgate’s Ian Adams and Chris McLoughlin, the 2019 tournament brought together 60 professionals from across the region.

Three teams competed – Funders, Bathgate A and Bathgate B – with different players representing each team roughly every three weeks, until the finale on 30th September, when the Funders team emerged victorious.

Bathgate A, led by Ian Adams, came in second place, while Chris McLoughlin’s Bathgate B team came in third place.

Speaking of the tournament, Ian Adams said: “We’ve been arranging this tournament for four years now and it’s always a roaring success. Many of those conversations on the green have turned into introductions, referrals and funding for some fantastic businesses based in our region.

“Conversations that start on the green turn into one-to-one meetings outside of the game. Introductions are made, relationships are built and many local and regional businesses are able to benefit from these closer ties.”

Chris McLoughlin added: “Our golf tournaments are great fun but they also offer great networking opportunities. Collaboration and strong working partnerships have always been at the heart of our approach and Bathgate and we really enjoy watching relationships flourish and seeing how they allow us all to help even more businesses in the region to grow.”

The next tournament will start in April 2020, if you would like to get involved, please contact Ian Adams on